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Feb 8 17 1:13 PM

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Will Traffic to this site increase?

Please let us know Site owner! will be great if that is the case.
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Feb 9 17 12:28 PM

The actual site has huge traffic and success of tens of thousands of unique visitors each month, its the forum that got slower, but thats due to the fact that theres no movie coming out yet and hasnt been in nearly 8 years. In a way an increased traffic to the forum would have been a blessing and a curse. Better moderation wouldve been needed, and the harmony we enjoy for years with the known, polite fellows would have to be guarded and enforced more thoroughly. Also, imdb had some good and intelligent people, but also a great deal of the worst of the worst of the internet. We will see, but I think a surge will happen around Avatar II's release. Plus, imdb folks probably wouldnt like it here because we have stricter rules here simply for the fact that Jim and a lot of other people know the site and enjoy it so far, so manners and respect are a must

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